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Local schoolkids decide youth money priorities

by cllrrykdownes on 9 February, 2016

Lib Dem councillor Sandy Lay has thanked Otley and Yeadon schoolchildren who spent the day with councillors last Friday 29th January to tell them what they would like their area youth funding spent on.

Pupils from every primary and secondary school across Otley and Yeadon gathered together at Horsforth High School, along with students from other schools in the Outer North West to decide how they would want the £50,000+ fund spent.

The fund has paid for a variety of activities in the past, such as the hugely successful Mini Breeze festival at Yeadon Tarn, skateboarding in Wharfemeadows Park and playdays at venues across the ward.

Cllr Sandy Lay said: “The turnout was fantastic with ninety-two students participating and I am pleased that so many of our local children attended. The kids really enjoyed the day, getting to learn about the city and our roles as councillors and then giving some great feedback on what they wanted to see in their communities.

“Their enthusiasm was infectious and I look forward to seeing what activities they want when all of their suggestions are put together in the coming weeks.

“We want children to have a say in their services and I’m glad they shared their views with us last Friday.”


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