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Chevin Forest Park Cycling Notice

by rykdownes on 9 February, 2016

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  1. Chris Barker says:

    I’m glad you’re up and we’ll Ryk.

    I’ve been cycling on the Chevin since I moved to Otley in 1992. I’m not minded to stop. I am always polite and give way to walkers and horses. I’ve never left anything up there other than tyre and footprints. Unless anyone hasn’t noticed the vast majority of people using the Chevin use the Bridleways. Enjoying some solitude amongst the trees is where cyclists go the slowest and meet the least number of other users. The Chevin was given to the people to use and I don’t see any difference between me walking or cycling. If we are to discriminate against the few based on the behaviour of a very small minority then we may as well suggest all Muslims are terrorists.

    Seeing as I expect you don’t believe the latter I look forward to bumping (not literally) into you the next time I cycle in Danefield.

    Best regards

    Chris Barker
    82 Leeds Rd

  2. Martin O'Hanlon says:

    This is a disappointing attitude which in my view is very short sighted. There are lots of ‘desire line’ route used by cyclists. They ease pressure on congested bridleways and effectively separate horse riders from cyclists. It is particularly disappointing following the recent very enlightened coverage by Bradford telegraph and Argis and Cllr Anderson

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