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Forestry work at the Chevin Forest Park.

by rykdownes on 2 November, 2015

The areas shown outlined in red on the attached plan will be thinned ie approx.. 25% of the trees will be removed evenly from across each compartment. This is to promote healthy tree growth and improve light levels within the plantations in order to encourage the development of natural regeneration in the years to come.

• An area of 0.67ha will be clear felled and replanted with site appropriate tree and shrub species. This is to replace an area of moribund plantation and to help create a more natural landscape in the long term. This will also begin the process of regenerating the estate through the provision of younger blocks of woodland to complement the maturing plantations.


• A row of 48 beech trees will be felled alongside Chippendale Ride. Many of these trees have become squirrel damaged and are becoming a potential hazard to the public using this popular thoroughfare in the estate. The trees are also beginning to over-shadow the original Thomas Chippendale avenue trees on the opposite side of the track. Some 400+ native trees and shrubs will be replanted within the edge of the adjoining plantation.


• During the course of the work (several weeks) the smaller of the 2 car parks near the top of East Chevin Road will be closed to allow machinery access and timber loading.


• The felling and timber extraction will be carried out by specialist forestry contractors appointed by Parks and Countryside. This will involve the movement of large harvesting machines throughout the area and parts of Chippendale Ride and other permissive paths will be closed temporarily. Alternative routes are available. Warning signs and Parks and Countryside staff as well as the contractors will be on hand to ensure public safety during the period of work.


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