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Expressions of interest sought for former Otley Lido site

by rykdownes on 2 October, 2015

Leeds have decided they do not have the money or expertise to develop this site but over the years they have received a number of enquiries and they feel that there is a possibility of a riverside leisure development.We have said – and to be fair Leeds agree, that any development must compliment Wharfemeadows and the riverside, space must be found for the Bowling Club supervised public toilets must be provided.

Here is the information I have received today from officers 

Please note that the marketing details for the former Otley Lido are now available on our website: It has been given its own “pod” on the homepage, as it doesn’t neatly fit into any of the categories we have.


I have instructed our signage contractors to erect an All Enquiries board at the property hopefully today, but I’ve not received a reply, so it may be next week before it is erected. 


The property will be advertised in the Yorkshire Post shortly.

“It will be a shame to see the old pool site disappear,” said Cllr Sandy Lay, ” but the existing derelict buildings are an eyesore and detract from Wharfemeadows one of the busiest parks in Leeds.”
“This could be an opportunity for a development to compliment the existing facilities at Wharfemeadows,” said Cllr Colin Campbell. “Obviously we would want to have a top quality development which provides a range of facilities for residents and visitors. At the same time we need to ensure the Bowling Club are provided for and that any development includes supervised public toilets.” 
Cllr Ryk Downes said, ” a sympathetic development could compliment the riverside walk and public facilities currently being built on the south side of the river. We will be asking Leeds to have a full public consultation on any proposals to ensure that they have local support.”  



3 Responses

  1. Mrs a j hunter says:

    How long has this sight been vacant & Leeds council have only just decided they don’t have enough money for it.This is unforgivable & also since when has Otley been part of Leeds it is not in Leeds but is only under the council remit.

  2. Ian Jackson says:

    Can not this site be developed for better use to the public, a more comprehensive cafeteria with seating to view the wier perhaps ,with an extension of playing facilities for children …

  3. Luke sollitt says:

    Seems the bowling club have priority here and a development for the council to gain profit from said development. I’m assuming that this new thing that entails leisure for the public will be free? If not, what scheme is in place to make it stand out from local lesiure centres that’s offer the same thing with out having to travel a distance?

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