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Thousands to be spent on anti-burglary devices in Otley & Yeadon

by rykdownes on 28 September, 2015

Thousands of pounds are to be spent on anti-burglary measures in North West Leeds.
Councillors have agreed £9,245 of funding to be granted for work on houses to make burglaries and other crimes harder to commit.

The funding will benefit all four council wards in the area and will be spent on measures such as new or improved door locks, new window locks, window shock alarms, door alarms, movement sensors, door chains or ‘prikka strips’ to put on the top of fences.

The funding, has been approved by the Outer North West Community Committee’s Community Safety sub-group, and the work will be carried out by Care and Repair working in partnership with Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Police.
Otley and Yeadon will benefit from £2,052 

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