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Councillors crack down on speeding

by rykdownes on 28 September, 2015

Local councillors Sandy Lay, Ryk Downes and Colin Campbell (Lib Dem, Otley and Yeadon) have secured funding to install speed indication devices (SIDs) on speeding blackspots in Otley and Yeadon
The moveable devices will be paid for using councillors’ MICE funding after local residents raised concerns about the dangerous driving on both Cemetery Road in Yeadon and on Bradford Road by the golf course in Otley.  

The device measures a driver’s speed as they approach it and flashes up their result to remind them to slow down if necessary.

Cllr Lay said: “These roads are both known speeding hotspots in their areas thanks to their long, straight stretches. Often drivers are unaware that they are going faster than the speed limit, but the limits are crucial given the residential areas they go through. Hopefully, seeing their speed will provide a visual motivation to slow down.”  

Cllr Downes said: “As councillors, one of the biggest complaints we receive from residents involve speeding traffic and dangerous driving. One thing we can do is to show drivers their speed. If this doesn’t work, we may have to look for police help in enforcing the speed limit.”

Cllr Campbell said: “The best thing about this device is that it is moveable, so we will be able to cover both sides of the roads, and other parts of Otley and Yeadon as well. We will continue to talk to residents about where the device should be moved to in order to help calm speed and make our roads safer.











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