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Odour Emanating from Site Adjacent to Carlton Works, Cemetery Road, Yeadon

by rykdownes on 27 June, 2015

It seems that the smell is back, I have to say I did not notice it yesterday when I was passing, but if you do, here is the correspondence I have had from the environmental health officer.

I would just like to advise that once again Leeds City Council and the Environment Agency are receiving complaints from local residents and business’ of East Carlton with regard to odour emanating from the site adjacent to Carlton Works, Cemetery Road, Yeadon (see attached map).
The issue identified on this occasion differ from the problems being caused last year in that waste (possibly of animal origin) is being stored on this site and then distributed to the surrounding fields. Both LCC and the E.A are working collaboratively on this current incident to determine the cause, the person(s) responsible and the next course of action in relation to this problem.
Should you receive any complaints or enquiries from your constituents relating to agricultural odour in the area, then please forward the information or advise them to contact our service direct either by phone: 0113 3951414 or e-mail:


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