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Councillors call for better #Yeadon housing strategy

by rykdownes on 24 March, 2015

Yeadon councillors Colin Campbell, Sandy Lay and Ryk Downes, have called upon the council to remove a green Yeadon field from their housing proposals, and instead replace it with an old, disused mill site.
Leeds City Council is currently discussing which sites around Leeds are to be used to meet their housing target of 70,000 homes over the next fifteen years and includes plans for 2000+ houses in Aireborough.  These include a plan to develop the green fields in the Banksfield/Coppice Wood area of Yeadon.
However local councillors have identified an old industrial site on Miry Lane which would be much better suited to housing, having been developed in the past as a mill.

“We do not support the idea of building on green fields, and if there has to be development we would prefer it on previously developed brownfield sites.” reports Cllr Campbell (Lib Dem, Otley and Yeadon).

“Looking round Yeadon we have identified the former mill site off Miry Lane as an area for potential development because it has many benefits,” continued Cllr Campbell.  “It is within easy walking distance of Yeadon centre, is handy for local bus routes and if the mill buildings were converted would help preserve a bit of old Yeadon.”

Cllr Downes said, “We have written to Leeds, asking them to remove the proposals to build on Banksfield Mount and to replace it with the Miry Lane site.  We believe that it is a better use of land and more sustainable.”

“Aireborough has had to take a lot of development over the last few years,” said Cllr Lay, “but without any improvements to infrastructure.  We would hope that, even on sustainable town centre sites, the council would not allow development until there has been a major investment in our local infrastructure.”


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