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Neighbourhood Watch Warning for Aireborough

by rykdownes on 6 February, 2015

Here is a report I have received from the local co-ordinator.

“I have been informed by a resident on the above road (Redwood Way. DL) that several houses have had lead removed illegally from above bay windows and porches. I have personally notified neighbours on my part of Redwood Way that this has occurred.

I also want to mention I have recently had a phone call supposed to come from Talk Talk advising me that I am due to a refund on my Talk Talk account. This person then asked me from my debit card number so that the supposed refund could be refunded to me. At this point I put the phone down. A friend of mine who lives in Rawdon also received a similar phone call. She advised Talk Talk and they said they were dealing with the matter.”


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